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  • What is Happening with the McConnells?
  • Children's Home Update
  • Water in the Desert
  • Walking in Faith
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  • "For the LORD your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great God, mighty and awesome, who shows no partiality and accepts no bribes. He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the alien, giving him food and clothing." -- Deut 10:17-8

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    Dear Friends,

    What is Happening with the McConnells?
    Accra Street Scene

    One of the biggest adjustments we've had to make since leaving the US, six months ago, is realizing that "Things move slowly in Ghana!"

    Sometimes traveling a few miles, can take hours! The animals, car and pedestrian traffic, and police road blocks, combine with the poor road conditions create congestion that shocks even Northern Virginian commuters!

    Although progress is being made to set up the infrastructure to bring the neediest orphans of the Central Region to the first GWMI children's home. It is slower than we like it to be!

    Children's Home Update
    Painting the Children's Home

    Modifications are nearly complete on the rental facility, in Denkyira (In-den-chur-uh)!

    The water tower has been built, and the plumber is laying the pipes to bring 'running water' from the well into the kitchens and bathrooms.

    We are now waiting on the electric company to install the poles and wire to bring electricity to the home! Once that is accomplished, we will be moving to the home.

    The next big miracle will be watching how God provides all the necessary furniture and supplies to bring these children home! In order to set up the home to care for the first 36 children, it is going to cost $20,000. If you would like to help furnish this beautiful place of refuge for children who have lost their parents, you can send tax deductible donations to:

    GWMI, 6711 Downstream Ct, Fredericksburg VA 22408.

    Water in the Desert
    Water in the Desert

    We are learning a lot about the Ghanaian culture, how to operate an organization here, and especially how to wait!

    We have been studying the Torah, or God's "Teaching or Instructions" in the first five books of the Bible. God's chosen people, the Israelites, did a lot of waiting. Many promises are given throughout the Bible for 'those who wait upon the Lord'.

    One of the things we have learned, is how the Israelites in their desert wanderings "drank from a Spirit-sent Rock which followed them, and that Rock was the Messiah." (I Corinthians 10:4) It is a miracle that water came out of a rock - but it is another miracle that the Rock followed them - for forty years through the desert!

    God was not happy with the Israelites who still did not trust Him after seeing His many miracles. They complained about the food, the water, and even longed to return to Egypt as slaves. God warns us today that "Now these things took place as prefigurative historical events, warning us not to set our hearts on evil things as they did. (1 Corinthians 10:6) When we are forced to wait it is easy to become impatient and irritable. However, we will miss the blessing of watching the Messiah (Jesus) work miracles on our behalf, if we choose to grumble and complain or return to depending on ourselves.

    We all experience seasons of 'living in the desert'. Jesus was led out into the desert by the Spirit of God to endure testing. Yet we can also trust that the Messiah who dwelt in the desert with the people of Israel bringing them living water, is also dwelling with us in the hot, dry, seasons of life.

    Walking in Faith
    Little Isaac

    Waiting patiently does not mean we are standing still, but trusting God as we take the necessary steps. Believing that God had called us to Ghana, we began looking at land to build a permanent children's village in the Central Region. After locating and negotiating for 34 acres, we needed a quarter of the $25,000 at the end of July. The day before the down payment was due, God brought a buyer for our car that had been for sale for three months - with the exact amount needed for the down payment! With this miraculous provision, we are believing for the remainder of the funds in order to purchase the land and to begin farming the property to help feed the orphans.

    A few weeks ago we were able to travel to the Volta Region, to meet with friends and make new contacts in the area. We were able to spend two days with the children at Missions International (Tititian Ministries), like little Isaac (pictured). It is our hope that the next GWMI Children's Home will be able to care for Ewe orphans, from the Volta Region.

    In Conclusion
    Blessings from Ghana

    God continues to do amazing things, as we look to Him to continue opening doors for the development of GWMI Ghana. You can keep track of our praise reports and prayer requests online, and view our adventures through the photo gallery, at www.GodofWond

    There are many opportunities for participation, both in the US and in Ghana. If you have a heart to help lives being transformed, and want to join what God is doing through GWMI, please visit the Partner page at support.htm.

    We are very grateful for all the prayers and support we have been receiving from our team mates in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. We could not be here, on this faith walk without you!

    Serving the God of Wonders,

    Larry, Beki, Gracie, and Josiah

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