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  • "Reaching the world with God's offer of salvation is not a marathon for a few; it is a relay race that should involve all believers." - Steve Saint, son of martyr Nate Saint, Missionary to the Waodani (Auca) people of Equador

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    Dear Friends,

    McConnell's Rejoicing in Ghana!!!

    "You have seven days." One week, to pack up and leave Ghana. The Immigration officer confiscated our passports, and we left the office wondering how God was going to work this out. We had been busy setting up a home, registering our car, and pursuing ministry opportunities. Now we had a week to leave.

    Eight weeks after arriving in Ghana, we left the organization we came to serve with due to a lack of integrity and accountability in the leadership. The Directors ordered us to leave the country immediately, and told the children and staff that we wanted to go back to America. However when we did not leave Ghana, the Administrators of the former organization began meeting with Immigration and other government officials, in an effort to get us deported.

    God had done many miracles to enable us to reach Ghana. In the Bible, the Israelites experienced the LORD's amazing miracles to be set free in Egypt, only to be trapped at the Red Sea. Immigration now had us trapped, with one week to leave. Since we serve the LORD who is Faithful, we began praying in expectation.

    Our Ghanaian friends were dismayed that we would be forced to leave, and began praying and fasting with us. Friends began putting us in contact with other government officials, and we waited expectantly for God to move on our behalf.

    The following day the Lord opened a door for Larry to meet with the Deputy Minister of the Interior, who oversees Immigration and all activities within the country of Ghana. After hearing Larry share our heart for Ghanaian orphans, the Honorable Kwaku Agyeman-Manu spoke with great authority,

    "You will stay in Ghana. Get established here in Accra, and then go out to the outer parts where they need you most."

    The sea had parted. God had delivered another miracle, this time to keep us in Ghana!

    With all that has taken place, we are asking ourselves like King David, "Who am I, O LORD God, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far?" 1 Chronicles 17:16

    Ministry Updates Delayed Due to Theft
    Street Child

    Immigration has not been our only battle in getting established in Ghana. Two weeks ago our car was burglarized, inside of a guarded compound, and our laptop and other important belongings were stolen. The last two weeks have been spent working with the Police to find the thieves. Unfortunately we lost three weeks of work on the laptop, which has greatly delayed this newsletter from being published.

    We are confident that our Father in heaven is bringing a testimony of His goodness out of this burglary. We know that everything done in darkness will come into the light, and He knows the final chapter on this story!

    God of Wonder Ministries
    Surveying the Land

    In a few short weeks the paperwork will be final, and "God of Wonder Ministries" will be officially birthed! We did not come to Ghana expecting to begin a new ministry, but the needs are great and our lives are yielded to whatever God wants us to do.

    We have toured seven Christian orphanages in the area, becoming educated on how organizations operate in Ghana. We are continuing to meet new friends and key leaders which will enable us to rescue orphans from poverty, neglect, abuse, and forced child labor.

    In the fertile land of the Central Region, district officials are asking us to come and start a home for their many orphans. Land is available which could grow oranges, pineapples, coconuts, bananas, plantains, palm nuts, corn, and many other fruits and vegetables for the children. Please pray that we will have wisdom, and clear direction regarding this possible location for the first Children's Village.

    Thank You!!!!
    Running the Marathon of our lives!!!

    During our adventures in Ghana, Joshua 3:5 has become very special to us,

    "Then Joshua told the people, 'Purify yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do great wonders among you.'"

    That is our hope and prayer, that as we purify ourselves, the LORD will do great wonders among the nations to bring Glory to Himself.

    None of this would be possible without the faithful support of our friends in America and in Ghana. You have been a great encouragement to us, and your continued prayers are essential as we 'get established, and go out' to rescue orphans in Africa.

    During the heat of battle sometimes we forget about the precious loved ones who have made this work possible. Please forgive our lengthy span between updates. We know many folks in the United States have been very concerned for us during this time. As the tempest rages we certainly have been buoyed by your prayers. Please do not ever stop praying, we are depending upon your faithfulness. Please know that we greatly appreciate your concerns and prayers. We will be sending an update via snail-mail shortly with more exciting testimonies from Africa.

    One of the battles we fight is the one associated with "out of sight, out of mind". Please be sure to visit our website ( at regular intervals as we try to update it with intriguing information to pique your interest and keep you engaged in the work.

    Thank you! Medasse!

    Larry and Beki

    phone: 011-233-24-6545740

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