GWMI Children’s Church

 For the past five months, a group of 30 to 60 children ranging from age 3 to 16 have been meeting for worship and bible study under our palm tree several times a week.  Starting with creation, they have been studying basic Biblical principles, and how to walk “God’s Path”. 

Every week several new children come, usually stopping on their way to a farm, and make decisions to follow Yeshua! Recently we had the privilege of baptizing 16 children in our modified baptismal ‘water can’. (See inside for pictures!)

    Learning to Walk

      "God's Path"


To show their new passion for serving the Lord, the children built a bamboo-palm branch shelter for the church services! The new shade shelter with make shift benches has quickly become a rest stop for the villagers who walk great distances to come to the nearby farms.

Please pray for these children as they learn to study the Bible, and choose to live according to God’s ways on a daily basis.




        “HE CAN’T HAVE A BIBLE, HE IS MUSLIM” -- In Ghana the children are taught in public schools that Muslims, Christians, and traditional African (Spiritism) worship all praise the same god, who created man and the earth.  They just use different methods, and holy books to reach this god.  This syncretism leads to a high level of tolerance between religious groups.

 When we began distributing Bibles to the GWMI children’s church, the other children did not want us to give a Bible to a boy from a Muslim family.  We were able to explain YHWY’s(God’s personal Hebrew name) free gift to “everyone who would believe”.  The boy of course gladly accepted the bible!

    A majority of the Ghanaian children who have been coming to GWMI worship services have never owned a book. When we distributed
Bibles inscribed with their name to every child it was a very special moment they will never

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