Happy New Year from God of Wonder Ministries

...Seek the L-rd your G-d, and you will find him if you look for him

with all your heart and with all your soul.       Deuteronomy 4:29
As the fireworks pop, all of Ghana is holding its breath! 
For the third time in a month, elections will be held this Friday to determine the next President of Ghana.  Rumors of unrest, and civil outrage over possible voter fraud, are spreading daily. 
Dozens of people were seen with machetes and sticks storming the Electoral Commission in Accra on New Year's Eve, and vandalizing property.   Police used a water cannon to subdue the supporters of the current ruling party (NPP), who fear the oppositional NDC party regaining political control. 
Please pray for the people of Ghana, to turn to the L-rd for peace and stability, and for wisdom and order to be maintained, as the country moves forward with new leaders.  We are thankful for our all powerful Father in Heaven, who is always present, and never changing! 
For more details of the recent run on the Electoral Commission...
Please note that nothing out of the ordinary has been seen or heard in our neighborhood which we are thankful for!   We are using extra caution, and staying close to home until the elections are announced and everything is calm. 

Emma Update
 Baby Emma's New Year Feat!
The McConnells have been fostering a beautiful little girl by the name of Emmanuella, who will hopefully be united with her adoptive family in the near future.  Wathcing the L-rd touch her body, and seeing her blossom has been the highlight of 2008! 
Please pray that Emma's life will always bring G-d praise, that she may grow to delight in Him, and she would share His love with others.
May you seek the L-rd while He can be found, and may you surrender yourself to Him completely, and find joy through the trials. 
May the L-rd bless and keep you, as you seek Him with your whole heart, soul and strength!   
Larry & Beki, McConnell
God of Wonder Ministries, Ghana 
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