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Baby Emmanuella "Emma"
Who was 5 pounds at almost 5 months old!!!! 

Emma's Progress Picture

'Emmanuella' is the feminine form of 'Emmanuel' which in Greek means
"God with us."  Truly the LORD has been with her, and has sustained her
according to his plan.  We are honored to play a part in the miraculous
story He is writing for her life! 
Emma's Story
Emmanuella's mother was suffering from TB and HIV, and the loss of her husband due to HIV, when Emma was born.  Being very weak herself, the mother wasn't able to nurse the tiny infant, and Emma's Uncle did his best to get porridge into her everyday.   
Ghana Social Welfare contacted another children's home in the area regarding the vulnerable infant.  The Christian organization who helps families adopt special needs children, needed a family to provide the immediate foster care... and the McConnells volunteered! 
Emma with Gracie 
For the past four weeks Emma has been growing daily, and the entire McConnell clan has been pitching in to help with the beautiful baby. 
Emma has an adoptive family waiting for her, and we pray that her paperwork will go swiftly so that she can join her 'forever family' soon!
After 5 months of camping...
in the bush, waiting for the electricity and running water to be installed in the Children's Home we had to make a difficult decision.  Just weeks before taking in Emma, we returned to the relative amenities of Accra - like running water every other week!  
We did not know what the LORD had in store for us, but He knew we would be needed in Accra to help care for Emma! 
We are so very grateful for all of you who have faithfully given to this ministry, through your prayers, finances, and time.  To all of you, we send our prayers for Jesus to bring healing, deliverance, provision, comfort and shalom (peace with God, your brothers and sisters, and yourself).  Just as baby Emmanuella has experienced a new lease on life and has a hope and a future with a good Christian family, our future is secure for all who know Yeshua HaMashiach, who is also known as "God with us".
Just like a baby depends upon her parents for protection, clothing, and food - may we all know the power of God that little baby Emma has experienced.  For our Father in heaven is always faithful!
In His awesome grip,
Larry, Beki, Josiah, and Gracie 


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