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  • Village Thief is Baptized!
  • "He is Muslim, he can't have a Bible."
  • "My Own Bible!"
  • Thank You!

  • "For this reason I kneel before the Father". -- Ephesians 3:14

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    Dear Friends and Family,

    Village Thief is Baptized!
    Kwesi Gets Baptized

    There was much rejoicing when Kwesi, an orphan and known thief chose to be baptized on April 27th, along with 15 other children at a God of Wonder Ministries, Int. worship service.

    Kwesi adopted us soon after we moved to the Central Region last November. With much prayer, food, clothing, teaching and correction we have invested into Kwesi's life, in Yeshua's name.

    Please pray for Kwesi as he now has the hard choices to serve Yeshua, and walk "God's path" every day.

    "He is Muslim, he can't have a Bible."
    Even Muslims Deserve to have Bibles

    In Ghana, the children are taught in public schools that Muslims, Christians, and traditional African (Spiritism) worship all praise the same god, who created man and the earth. This syncretism (merging of spiritual beliefs) leads to a high level of tolerance between religious groups.

    Yet, when distributing Bibles, the children did not want to give "God's Word" to a boy from a Muslim family. This opened a great opportunity to explain again our Father's free gift to everyone, as we all need a Savior, and how He sent His Son Yeshua for "All Who Would Believe."

    "My Own Bible!"
    Wow!  My very own Bible!!

    A majority of the Ghanaian children who have been coming to GWMI worship services have never owned a book. When we distributed Bibles inscribed with their name to every child it was a very special moment!

    Hugging the Bibles', and exclaiming over their new possession, many were surprised to read the Bible verses (which we had taught them) actually written in their Bible!

    Please pray for these children as they learn to study and memorize God's Word privately and corporately.

    Thank You!
    GWMI Church

    This week, another 6 children came to GWMI worship services for the first time, and prayed to accept Yeshua as their Messiah.

    Without the prayers and financial support of our co- laborers, the work of GWMI in Ghana could not take place

    Thank you for standing with us, for the sake of the Gospel, to the least of these in Ghana.


    Larry & Beki, Josiah & Gracie

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