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Happy Thanksgiving from
God of Wonder Ministries, Ghana
"I will thank you, Adonai, among the peoples; 
 I will make music to you, among the nations!"
Psalms 57:8 
Dear Friends and Family, Please pray for the McConnells Serving in Ghana
As all of you gather with loved ones for the traditional Thanksgiving feast, we are happy to report that Beki was able to spend the day waiting at a Ghanaian Circuit Court.  (She'll do anything to get out of cooking!)

Along with baby Emma, the Judge approved another Ghanaian girl to be adopted together into the same American family! 

After a long waiting period, and some disappointing delays, the Lord set two little orphan girls into a family, as he has promised to set the "lonely in families"... on Thanksgiving Day!! 

What a wonderful Thanksgiving present the Lord has bestowed upon these girls and their new family, and to us at GWMI and you as our partners! 

Next year Emma and Gifty will be celebrating Thanksgiving with their forever family!  Please pray for these girls, as thier adoption journey continues through immigration paperwork here and in the states. 

Like you, we too have felt the crunch of the world financial crisis. Many have sacrificially given to support us prayerfully, financially, or through your "gift of helps" over the past few years.  And many continue to do so despite the tough economic times, making God of Wonder Ministries a priority.  It is with thankful hearts that we praise the Father for you who are willing to sacrificially stand with us as we "plead the cause of the fatherless" in Ghana, through giving or prayers!

May the Lord bless you as you have been generous to the poor and defenseless.   May He sustain you as you lean upon Him in times of trouble.  May you grow closer to Him and rest in His unfailing grace and find refuge in the stronghold of His name.

Grace, Blessings, and Shalom!
Larry & Beki McConnell
God of Wonder Ministries | 7611 Downstream Ct | Fredericksburg | VA | 22408-8806