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A new day is dawning for the forgotten orphans of Africa . . .
God of Wonder Ministries, Int. helping orphaned children of Ghana, West Africa

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He Makes Everything Beautiful in His Time
"O-Bowl-o" Girl Surprises Auntie's
USA Bound for Furlough
Fruit for Our King ! !
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Sewing Pieces together Again
"You have to begin with the knowledge that there is nothing perfect in this world. Our job is not to hunt down perfection and live within it. It is to take whatever broken pieces we have found and sew them together as best we can."
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Emma says farewell "He makes everything Beautiful in His Time"
After 11 months of loving and caring for baby Emma, we have said a tearful "good-bye". Emma's sweet and cheerful personality will always be a cherished memory, and we are thankful to have been her family for almost a year.

Please pray for us, especially Josiah and Gracie who are grieving losing a sister they love, and for Emma who is transitioning into a new family.

Emma with her adoptive Mother, and newly adopted sister.
Joy's Progress! "O-Bowl-o" Girl Surprises Auntie's
Four months ago, no one had hope for this little girl to live.

 On a recent visit to the orphanage where she had been living, her former caregiver repeatedly yelled "O-bowl-o!" or "Fat!" (Which is a great compliment in Ghana.) They were excited to see that she is alive and well, and rejoiced with us that Adonai had saved her life.

The once weak and lethargic baby Joy is now rolling over and trying to sit up! She likes to coo and call for us to be with her, and always rewards us with a beautiful smile.

Adoption Advocates International will be caring for Joy while she waits for an adoptive family! Please pray for the right family to come quickly, and for her eyes to be strengthened and her body to be completely healed.
McConnell's & Emma USA Bound For Furlough
We are excited to be coming back to the States for furlough in June! It has been over two years since we have been back as a family and we are looking forward to spending time with our family, friends, and ministry partners.

Please pray for all the details of the move, and all the adjustments we will be facing with "reverse culture shock." We are looking forward to seeing you soon!
Discipleship under the palms Fruit For Our King  ! !
We have been blessed to witness Adonai's handiwork in Ghana through GWMI:

To see two little babies alive and well that would have been dead,

A handful of believers and
Pastors discipled in foundational Biblical truths, and

Many lives touched by the love of Yeshua Messiah, Adonai's only begotten son!
Thank You ! !
Thank you for giving us the privilege of serving our Father in Ghana,
Love from Africa,

Larry & Beki

Lives are being changed in Ghana - One Life at a time!
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