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Blessed be the LORD G-d, the G-d of Israel, who alone works wonders. -Psalms 72:18

Vol.  IX,   Issue II    


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  • Uganda is located in East Africa, surrounded by Kenya, Southern Sudan, Congo, Rwanda, and Tanzania.
  • Over half of Uganda's
    population is under the age of 15 years old,
    and only 2% of the population ever reaches 65 years old,

         There is great potential in this new generation. An estimated two

million of them are orphaned, uneducated, and hopeless.



Jewels of Africa


Coming along side "ACTS for Messiah founder Emily Dwyer in Tororo, Uganda was a true blessing for Pastor Larry Michael and our entire family.  Pictured above is part of the Palisaa congregation posing for our last minute photo's just before saying "good-bye".  Watch for future Newsletters for stories about this Palisaa congregation and the sacrifices they have made for coming to faith in Yeshua (Jesus).  They were once part of a Jewish congregation but were shunned when they came to faith.  Please pray for the Palisaa congregation and the Jewish congregation they once belonged to.

Winston Churchill once commented that Uganda was the "Jewel of Africa".  After spending 23 beautiful days traveling around the 'South Central Eastern' districts of Uganda in March we concur.

Coming to assist Emily Dwyer, the founder of Acts for Messiah Ministries in Tororo, we were also able to meet many of the true 'Jewels of Africa'.  Emily has been serving in Uganda for 12 years, her house and 15 Ugandan children are completely dedicated to sharing G-d's love, His Messiah, and His compassion to the lost.

Making Disciples

Yeshua (Jesus) told his disciples to "Go, make disciples of all nations,  baptizing them in the name of the Father and Son, teaching them all I have commanded you."  Simple right?  Go, disciple, baptize, and teach all he has commanded us.  In three weeks?!  Even Yeshua spent three years discipling and teaching His followers, and they were of the same bible based culture.

Relying on the relationships Emily has formed over years, we were able to work alongside her in her ongoing ministry of discipling the young people in her home, as well as the Pastors and congregations that look to her for Messianic Bible teaching.  Pastor Larry (who is going more and more by his middle name, Michael) was able to spend many hours in bible study, and mentoring the young men in the home.  Pastors dropped in nearly every day to spend hours discussing the Bible, the Kingdom of G-d, and how best to reach the people with the Truth of His word.

After mid-day prayers (Minchah) these young men began asking Pastor Michael Bible questions.  They are hungry for the Word of G-d.  This was one of many spontaneous bible classes that took place while we were in Uganda.




The Pastor and elders of the first congregation we visited in the village of Butiro, asked for an opportunity to have baptisms also known as "Immersion".  Knowing that baptisms are done in flowing (living) water (like John the Baptist down at the Jordan river), Pastor Larry Michael sought a source of 'living water'.  Being near the end of a very dry season in drought like conditions made it difficult.  One was found, and members of four congregations all met 'down at the riverside'.  This picture should speak a thousand words... but it can't tell you how joyful and memorable it was for everyone!  Even the cows waited for us to get out of their watering hole!


Pastor Frederick (center) about to undergo "Immersion" (Baptism) while Pastor John Michael (left) looks on. Sixteen brothers and sisters made their public declarations to follow Yeshua and immersed themselves that day.


Most Africans are not taught how to swim, therefore incidents of drowning are common, and the fear of submersion is very real.  For many of the precious brothers and sisters who walked themselves into that waterhole, and placed themselves completely under the water, it was a spiritual and physical challenge of laying down their lives for Messiah. 


The following week we took all the children and young people from Emily's house to a hotel, where we enjoyed the cool water of a pool under the intense African sun, and offered basic water safety and swim lessons.


Teaching All


Yeshua never mentioned getting people to make a decision to follow him, although each disciple was given the traditional rabbinic invitation to "come, follow me".  In the gospels, Matthew the tax collector makes an amazing decision to immediately walk away from a very lucrative career to follow the Messiah.  Peter, Andrew, James, and John all leave their families' fishing businesses behind to follow the Messiah - and thousands even followed Him into the desert for several days, just to hear Him speak. 


They followed him.  Going one step at a time.  Leaving the familiar securities of their villages and old lives behind them, they followed Master Yeshua (Jesus).


They followed because they heard, and believed.  In the Jewish culture, to accept what one heard meant obedience would follow.  The Hebrew word "shema" often translated "hear" more accurately means to "hear and obey".


In the first five books of the bible (in Hebrew referred to the "Torah", which means loving instructions from G-d),  the Father outlines how He wants his people to live.  These were the instructions our Savior followed; perfectly.  These instructions are how we can be like Yeshua.  Teaching our children we often say, "in our house, we do things this way...." as we lay down the standard for behavior we expect from our children.  The Father does the same thing by giving us His house rules.  These very same instructions Yeshua followed.  He followed His Father's instructions, setting an example for us.  Throughout the Psalms, "His ways" are mentioned over 15 times.


Psalms 128:1 "How blessed is everyone who fears the LORD, who walks in His ways."


Yeshua the Messiah is "the Way the Truth and the Life."  He is our model, the perfect example of living out Torah - the second Adam that was able to resist temptation and fulfill the Father's plan for our redemption.  Out of gratitude, we owe Messiah, and the Father who sent him, a life of obedience...not to earn salvation... not to earn His grace... but because of His amazing grace!


Yeshua said, "if you love me, keep my commands."  This is the essence of the messages Pastor Michael taught to the congregations he visited.  He encouraged them to walk in love, forgiving one another, and looking out for the interests of others.  A difficult, but worthy assignment for each of us as we emulate the Master, Yeshua the Messiah!


 Teacher David (left), Pastor John-Michael (center) and Pastor Michael strategizing how best to reach the people in Uganda.  Many theological discussions took place around that table.  They are good workers who have sacrificed much for the Kingdom of G-d.  They would like to see their people grow in the knowledge of the Kingdom.  "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few"  Matt. 9:37


Being a Blessing


During our three week trip, Josiah,  Gracie, and Beki also were a blessing to those they came in contact with.  Around the ACTS for Messiah home, Josiah was known  for his bible study discussions and one young man joked that we could just leave Josiah to teach until we returned. 


Gracie shined as a model worker always pitching in to help with whatever task was being done even butchering and plucking chickens!


Beki enjoyed forming relationships with the three girls in the home, and speaking into their lives when able.  Shopping in the market, and learning a few of the local "Jap" words has stirred up the desire for language learning, and she is hoping to begin studying Swahili with the entire family.


Gracie and Josiah worked with the ACTS children to act out the book of Esther, in a Purim play. 


















Beki got to help bake special cookies for everyone, and hand them out to the village children.



Uganda Praise reports and Prayer Requests

The "Uganda Exploratory Mission" was a great success!  We bonded with all the children and young people in the ACTS for Messiah house.  We worked well with Emily and look forward to future ministry with her.  We were able to make friendships with others in the community of Tororo, including the business men and a key government official.


We had several vision casting meetings with the young people in the house.  They have a burden to give back to the ministry and help to make it a self-sustaining ministry (not as heavily reliant upon donors from the west).  A list of projects were identified and agreed upon by the community as helpful in the effort to become self-sustaining.  Including:

  • International Secondary School

  • Messianic Yeshiva (Bible School)

  • Jesus Film Project

  • Wholesale warehouse business

  • Print Shop sharing the necessary equipment with the Yeshiva

However, a larger piece of land would be needed to implement these projects.  We are praying for an ideal location, with the flexibility to expand into a more self-sustainable organization.  This may look like an ambitious set of projects.  However we serve a G-d who owns the cattle "on a thousand hills".  With Him all things are possible.  Please commit the success of these projects to prayer. 


We also need to continue to raise funds for the "McConnell Family Start-up" budget and the "McConnell Family operating budget".  Please pray that our G-d will provide this critical funding for both of these budgets. 


You can donate by making a secure online credit card donation or through PayPal by clicking here.  All donations are tax deductible.  G-d of Wonder Ministries is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit, religious corporation as defined under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, specifically dedicated to compassion and Christian/Messianic ministries in Africa.  The ministry has labored in both Ghana and Uganda.  Your gift is very much appreciated and fully deductible as a charitable contribution. 


Thank you for giving us the privilege of serving our Father in Africa, and for your interest in G-d of Wonder Ministries. Please continue praying for the McConnell family, and the wonderful people of Africa, that they would know their Saviour, Yeshua the Messiah, and choose to live for Him.

Shalom (Peace) in Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Christ),

Larry and Beki's Signature

Declare the LORD's glory among the nations, His wonders among all people.

For the LORD is great, and greatly to be praised: he is to be feared above all gods. Psalms 96:3-4





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