Week 2 in Tororo, Uganda, East Africa

April 13th, 2013

It has been another busy week visiting and†††††††† encouraging our Brothers and Sisters here in East Africa.† I† enjoy meeting† Pastors and discussing the scriptures.† There is much to share, and to learn!† In the culture here it is perfectly acceptable to sit around and talk for hours, especially with a guest.


This week I got to spend time with Pastor Isaac Were.† He is the pastor of the Tororo Healing Center Church.† It was a wonderful chance to discuss the scriptures, and I† was able to share the context of the gospel within the framework of†††† G-dís† loving instructions to His people, the††† Torah.† Please pray for those who are† being† drawn to a closer walk with our Father, and who are desiring to walk more like Yeshua walked.†


Pastor Isaac Were and his new bible!

The congregation in Bumbo, led by Teacher David Mabonga, was thrilled to receive Complete Jewish Bibles!† (Donít let the fuzzy pictures fool you in America, they are very happy!)†


The bibles they received will be shared by the whole congregation. They were ecstatic to receive these resources and wanted me to† extend their heart felt gratitude to the Beit Hallel (House of Praise) congregation in Tucson, AZ who purchased them. They repeated that sentiment numerous times.


The top right picture shows a few of the elders of the††††††††††† congregation, who we were able to spend time with on several occasions last year.† David, Akim, and Pastor Shaul (Paul) are very grateful to have these resources.† They are thankful for a roof, a floor, plastic chairs, and Bibles to share.† Day to day life does not include running water or electricity, but they are thankful for what they do have.


This congregation can teach us a lot!† We were humbled by† their hospitality and service last year, and saw their dedication when Pastor Shaul rode for hours on his bicycle last year in order to be baptized.


Please pray for their continued spiritual growth in Messiah, and in their walk of Torah.† Please pray that they would be united in love, and that their love for one another would represent G-dís love to His people for those around them to see.†


†††††††††††† Serving the Master,


†† ††††† †††††††† Michael ††††