Text Box: Week 3 in Tororo, Uganda, East Africa

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Photo: Betty receives a Complete Jewish Bible.  She was extremely happy.  The next morning I lead her son-in-law, Joseph to the L-rd.Text Box: April 16th, 2013

Text Box: Our hostess, Sister Betty, receiving a Bible the night before I met her son in law, Joseph.

Text Box: I just finished a few days of preaching, sharing the     gospel, and giving out Bibles.  In a house with one of the local leaders, the ministry team and I were able to freshen up before setting out on  another full day of preaching at multiple congregations.  I was exhausted, and not sure how I was going to make it through the day.
Our hostess, Betty, and her daughter Priscilla had been praying for Priscilla's husband to come to know the L-rd for some time. Right before we were to leave her home, Priscilla's husband came in to the room.  Betty started talking to him about how it was no coincidence that a white man of G-d came to spend the night in their house. She said there was a reason for it. As she was talking I saw tears  coming out of her eyes. Immediately I knew what this was about. The last thing she said was that    ‘we would see what the white man had to say to him.’   

Text Box: I asked him what his name was and he said "Joseph". I asked him if he knew about the story in the Bible about Joseph. He replied ‘sort of.’ I told him the story of Joseph was a story about great suffering. I said there is an invisible G-d that wants a very real relationship with him.  I could tell as I was talking to him, that he was fighting back tears. I said maybe you had experienced suffering. I asked him if he would like   to have a relationship with this invisible G-d. And he said yes! 

Text Box: I led him through a prayer of repentance and he asked Yeshua to be the Master of his life. During this     precious moment his wife, her sister, and her mother were all praying. Later, I felt led to warn him that    Satan would try to steal this moment from him. He quickly replied, “NO!  Last night I had a dream that
a great light came into this house, and I have  
experienced great suffering. No one is going to steal what happened  to me!” Baruch Hashem! (Praise   G-d!)

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Thank you for your continued prayers!  Our 
Father is using them to touch lives, answer other believers’ prayers, and bring precious souls like  Joseph to Messiah… keep up the good work in prayer, I need your help!