A new day is dawning for the forgotten orphans of Africa...
 God of Wonder Ministries, Int. is helping orphans, widows, & the oppressed in Africa.

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Partners make it possible for Larry Michael and Beki to reach the orphans of West Africa with the reality of the supernatural life available in God.

The gifts of our faithful Partners enable us to live and minister to "the least of these" in Accra, Ghana, and soon thousands, of lives with the love of the Father for the fatherless and for His church.

  • Partnership is a relationship of the heart.
    Partners often describe their partnering experience as "being part of a family." Joining Larry Michael and Beki, God of Wonder Ministries staff, volunteers, interns, and other Partners from around the world, you become an integral member of a dynamic, relationship-based spiritual family.
  • Partnership involves co-laboring in prayer.
    We pray daily for our Partners and gratefully seek your intercession on behalf of this ministry and the advancement of God's Kingdom.
  • Partnership means a fervent desire to see God's destiny fulfilled in each others' lives.
  • Partnership results in synergy.
    Every effort on behalf of this ministry is exponentially multiplied, resulting in more than what is given. The total effect is greater than the sum of the individual parts.
  • Partnership includes sharing in the victory spoils that come to this ministry.
    Your gifts help advance God's Kingdom and you will share in God's Kingdom rewards. This is an eternal Kingdom principle (1 Samuel 30:24; Matthew 10:41-42).

Would you join Larry Michael & Beki and the Partner family as we reach the orphans of West Africa with the message and demonstration of God's Kingdom?

Please give to our childrens orphanage.  Yes, Larry Michael and Beki I would like to partner with you in restoring the Love of the Father to the fatherless.