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“We also got to visit and encourage the Messianic Congregation in Iganga.


The worship was joy filled. And the Body of Messiah studies like Bereans here!


We had the priviledge to stay overnight in Pallisa, which is very different from home, but a wonderful place to be!


The beautiful, remote, and impoverished community at Pallisa, holds a much greater treasure. They hold to the testimony of Yeshua, and keep his commandments!


Yeshua is the way to Heaven...Yeshua is soon to come back so we must be ready!


The Pastor and his wife at Palllisa recieved the study materials with thanksgiving.


An Elder at Pallisa was once a muslim, and found hope for eternity in the Bible.


Sister Betty, herbalist, intercessor, and evangelist!


Sister Betty gathered a group of non-believers under a mango tree, and invited me to speak.


Several hours later... all prayed to accept Messiah, the Budaka congregation was birthed!



It was late at night when we arrived at the Bussi Congregation at Entebbe on a island in Lake Victoria.

They had a feast prepared, and a goat and many chickens offered as gifts for the next days feast.


We ate like kings (Ugandans know how to have a feast)!





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